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Thursday, October 2, 2008

What Surya/Vishal could not do, Jayam Ravi has

Jananathan, presently busy with Peraanmai, feels that the current generation of actors are doing very well and are a dedicated lot. Speaking about Jayam Ravi, the hero in Peraanmai, Jananathan said that he had also developed a six pack, toeing in line with Surya and Vishal. However, Jayam Ravi's six pack did not create an adverse impact on his
Jayam Ravi

face as it did to most of the bodybuilders. Jananathan also added that the six pack suited Jayam Ravi very well.

The director said that he would travel to the US to scout for a suitable villain. Jananathan has certain specifications that are a must for his villain in Peraanmai. They are: the villain must be a foreigner and he should also sport a six pack like his hero Jayam Ravi. Any takers out there?

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