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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Surya in Aids awareness film

There are only some actors who do not think of only themselves when it comes to social issues. One such is Surya. He has acted in a few awareness films and he's now to act in an Aids awareness film.

If the mother has Aids, it will affect the baby in the womb. Now with modern medicine, it is possible to treat the mother so the disease will not affect the unborn child. Surya is acting in a film that conveys this message. Produced by the Tamilnadu Aids Control Dept, this film will be screened before the main film in theatres.

Unfortunately, this can be seen only in Chennai. Only those theatres that have digital facility can project this film. Aids has affected people in towns and villages near Salem and Namakkal.

If the film cannot be screened in such places, what use is it?

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