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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life after baby for Surya and Jo

Back to square one Since the couple hasn’t really revealed much about themselves to the media, this seems a good opportunity to ask them about their courtship days. How did Jyothika win over the quiet Suriya? The actor laughs, ‘‘True, she would mostly talk and I would say ummmm or yes from time to time.’’ But they admit that they fell in love slowly, being friends first. ‘‘He was my first co star in Poovellam Kettupaar. I found I could rely upon him as a friend. He was very straightforward, genuine and a man of few words,’’ recalls Jyothika. Suriya reveals that her sincerity, hardworking nature and attachment to her family in Mumbai were what first attracted him to her. ‘‘I liked that she always respected her colleagues. Till today I have never seen her shouting, even at the people who work for her.’’ Jo relives the signs of love, when she would repeatedly watch the trailors of Nanda on TV. ‘‘I realised that I wanted to keep seeing him and it was more than friendship,’’ she smiles. Suriya adds his bit, ‘‘We actually fell in love when we were not doing films together! I used to keep messaging her and wanted to keep in touch.’’ Getting married meant a lot to both of them. ‘‘Starting a family soon and staying in a joint family was a priority,’’ says Jyothika.Remembering Venice Suriya is a romantic and springs wonderful surprises and parties, according to his wife. ‘‘On our honeymoon in Venice, I saw a beautiful opal ring in a store and I admired it since it is also my birthstone. Before I knew it, Suriya had ordered the most gorgeous replica of it in Chennai and presented it to me. It was very touching.’Be it their on screen chemistry, secret romance or fairytale wedding, Suriya and Jyothika have been in the news for a long time. Yet they have chosen to be discreet about their personal life, leaving fans hungry for more. On September 11 this year, Tamil cinema’s favourite couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary, this time in the company of their one-year-old daughter, Diya. When we meet for our interview, I notice how the chemistry between the two is still sizzling hot. Marriage and motherhood seems to have lent Jyothika a brighter glow, perhaps explaining why Suriya can’t seem to take his eyes off her right through our meeting! In an exclusive chat with Indulge, the couple gets talking on family, love, life, marriage and more. Picture perfect ‘‘I still feel like the happiest man in the world and the most lucky person even two years after our wedding,’’ begins Suriya Sivakumar, with a happy grin. ‘‘My marriage to Jo has been all that I expected and much more. Jo has been a wonderful wife and makes an even greater mom to Diya.’’ That’s a lot, coming from the normally reticent Suriya that we know. ‘‘It’s not been an easy two years for someone like her who has always been working, to sit at home. But she has managed it really well,’’ he continues.Jyothika is all smiles and her happiness in the Sivakumar household, which comprises of Suriya’s parents and siblings, is evident. ‘‘I have heard people complaining about life post marriage. But for me, life couldn’t be better. I think that ours is the picture perfect marriage.’’ So what’s keeping the spark alive? ‘‘Apart from being with Suriya, it’s the family that I am married into that has made all the difference. I don’t think we would have been so happy if we had been away from them,’’ says Jyothika. Suriya agrees, ‘‘Jo has had to be without me for long periods when I am away outdoors. But she has fit in with the family and enjoys spending time with them when I am not around.’’ All this is a huge departure from Jyothika’s initial years in the city . ‘‘I lived alone in Chennai for ten years during my film career since my family was in Mumbai. So I really enjoy this bonding,’’ she says. ‘‘Suriya’s brother Karthi is a great friend and his sister Brinda is a treasure. Brinda and I both have small babies who don’t sleep till late, so we chat right up to midnight when she is visiting! It’s a happy feeling to come down to breakfast with the family and catch up at mealtimes. With so many artistes in the family (father-inlaw Sivakumar and brother-in-law Karthi), we have healthy filmi discussions.’’ Marriage, good therapy ‘‘I have become a better person and I like myself more after marriage,’’ shares Jyothika. ‘‘I have become more mature and responsible. Earlier I thought only about cinema but now I think in all directions and can see beyond that world. I can see things from the point of view of my child, my in-laws and my husband.’’ And the learning never stops. ‘‘From my mother-in-law, I have learnt how to keep a family together. She is extremely caring in the smallest of things. She makes sure that none of us leave the house without having breakfast. My in-laws have kept the household grounded to their roots.’’ Quelling rumours that the couple live separately, Jo affirms, ‘‘I stayed in our apartment for six months since I was medically advised not to climb stairs during my pregnancy . But now we are back with the family .’’ After the movies, what? Both Suriya and Jyothika are known for keeping a low profile but I wonder aloud if she ever misses being under the spotlight? ‘‘I love this phase of my life and I don’t miss the old days at all,’’ she replies emphatically. ‘‘Life is to be enjoyed in every stage. I never wanted to be just career-oriented and stuck in one phase of life.’’ Confirming that there are no plans of returning to the silver screen, she adds, ‘‘Not for the next two or three years and even after that, maybe not. I may have more kids and till they are in the eighth standard, I will need to be with them. And by then, I will be too old to act (laughs).’’ Her husband adds, ‘‘Offers keep coming in but until she finds something really mind-blowing, she won’t take the plunge.’’ A working relationship Given the admiring glances they throw each other from time to time, I can’t resist asking them about the secret to their successful marriage. ‘‘It largely depends on your man. It’s the assurance he gives you that he is with you in the smallest of things, that makes all the difference,’’ says Jyothika. ‘‘He is the ideal husband who has been with me even through my pregnancy , taking care of me for six months without shooting. Even in the delivery room, he was there holding my hand and talking to me continuously . I couldn’t ask for more.’’ Suriya has this to say , ‘‘Marriage is built on complete trust and love and surrendering yourself with no secrets. It’s about being the same person outside and inside the house. When you know each other completely you have the confidence to discuss everything without fears.’’ And on a lighter note, he adds, ‘‘I have just one policy . My ‘boss’ is always right.’’ Bringing up baby ‘‘She’s totally like Jo. A late sleeper and late riser,’’ quips Suriya. Jyothika shoots videos and photos of Diya to share with Suriya later. ‘‘I keep updating him on each facet of her growth, from her first step to everything else.’’ The doting dad was so excited with his princess that he even bought her a real Swift car and wanted to paint it pink, with her birthday as the registration number. ‘‘But I convinced him that he was getting too excited and it was better to keep things simple,’’ laughs Jo. Getting out in Chennai ‘‘We have a Movenpick addiction and we love CafĂ© Coffee Day. We usually sit in the car and order,’’ says Suriya. ‘‘I don’t go out that much in Chennai. But back in Mumbai I usually go jogging at Joggers Park or just enjoy chilling out somewhere,’’ says his pretty wife.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Suriya to start of free tuition centers!

Suriya's father actor Sivakumar, continuing their 29 years of charity, Sivakumar Charitable Trust distributed scholarship of Rs. 3 lakhs to the toppers of the plus two and tenth standard government examinations. The Sri Sivakumar Educational and Charitable Trust was initiated by the actor Sivakumar in May, 1979 during the function held to mark Sivakumar's 100th film titled 'Rosappoo Ravikkaikari' and was inaugurated by MGR. Suriya on behalf of Agaram Foundation, donated certain amount for the students who are undergoing higher studies like medicine and IAS training. He also said that there are plans of starting free tuition centers all over Tamil Nadu and the talks are going on with the government. He also said that Rs. 25 lakhs will be given for the good education of poor children who are talented.

I want to act with Surya - Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi, who was in Chennai recently, said that she wanted to share the screen space with Surya. “I would like to act with Surya. I watched the film ‘Khakka Khakka’ and just loved it,” she said.

On not acting in Tamil films after her cameo in ‘Manmadhan’, the first lady of Indian cricket said, ‘I have got many offers. However, I want to do films that excite me and not every movie that comes my way.’

A victim of controversies, Mandira says, “They have now become a part of my life. When I am in distress, I simply keep away from the media.”

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Interview With Actor Surya

Thanks to his successive hits, Surya has become a sought after star in Tamil film industry. In spite of his father Shiva Kumar, being a successful actor in Tamil once, success did not come quite easily for Surya. After almost half-a-decades wait, Surya reached the pinnacle thanks to director Bala''s Nandha in which he played an angry young man''s role. From then on, he did not look back. His successive hits in Kaakha Kaakha, Pithamagan and the recent Peralagan has taken him to new heights.

Be it a tough cop, a rustic youth or a unconventional handicap, Surya does it with charm and grace.

According to him ''success is not something I stepped across easily. I had to struggle for it. All my failures were the stepping-stones to my success. I pick my characters after a lot of thought and I observe a lot of things happening around me to give justice to my roles''.

His next release is director Manirathinam''s Ayudha Ezhuthu followed by director Goutham''s Chennaiyil Oru Mazhia Kalam followed by a movie with director Hari to be produced by director Charan.

In a chat, Surya shares his feelings on becoming a popular hero in Tamil film industry and his future commitments.

On the success of Khaaka Khaaka, Pithamagan and Peralagan?

Even after the success, I am more balanced and my feet is firm on the ground. People would be expecting a lot in my next film and I want to live up to their expectations.

On your role in Peralagan?

I had seen the original Malayalam version (Kunji Koonan) done by Dileep. I simply wanted to do better than him. Now, I am sure that the character of Chinna (an ugly looking rustic youth with a hunchback) is adored by one and all. Chinna was not the usual handicap with inferiority complex. In fact he was very optimistic, arrogant, tongue-in-cheek and above all loveable. All credit should go to the entire team involved in the making of Peralagan. Make-up man Bhuji Babu deserves special thanks.

About working in director Manirathinam's Ayudha Ezhuthu?

It's a rare feeling to act in Manirathinam's film. His knowledge is astounding. His screenplay and narration are amazing. I play a good role in his film, which would be much talked about in the days to come.

What's the secret of your success?

Patience. My success has not come easily. I had to struggle for it. All my failures were the stepping stones to my success. I pick my characters after a lot of thought and I observe a lot to give justice to my roles. I will never hurry my movies. Hard work and practice help us accomplish difficult things in life.

Your association with director Bala?

He holds a important place in my heart. He was ready to experiment with me in Nandha. This marked a turning point in my career. In Pithamagan, he gave me the role of a carefree rustic youth. I had been to interior areas and watched many youngsters, listened to their speeches, their modulations on audio cassettes to prepare for the role. I took sincere
attempts before the camera and the output on the screen was great. Bala was responsible for bringing the best out of me.

Comment on your roles in Kaakha Kaakha?

I take enough time to prepare myself for a role. Kaakha Kaakha was about a tough cop. It needed the right body language and appropriate expressions.I observed a few police officials not just in the cities but even in rural areas quite closely. I imbibed their mannerisms and body language for my role as Deputy Commissioner of Police in Kaakha Kaakha.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Surya Sivakumar Biography

Saravanan Sivakumar (Tamil) popularly known as
Surya (Tamil) (born on 23 July 1975), is an Indian
actor in the Tamil film industry. He is the son of Tamil
actor Sivakumar and is married to Jyothika, a popular
Tamil actress. He is well-known for trying out off-beat
roles in different films. Suriya is also the brand
ambassador for large brands like Himani Navratna Oil,
Emami Fair & Handsome, Pepsi, TVS and Sunfeast
Surya studied at PSBB and St. Bede's, Chennai. He
completed his commerce graduation from Loyola
College, Chennai. He was employed in a garment
manufacturing company in Ambattur, Chennai. A
notable point is Vijay, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Karthik
Raja (both Ilayaraaja's sons), Jeevan, Vishnuvardhan
and Surya were all class mates during their studies.
[citation needed]Surya then ventured into the cinefield
to become one of the top reigning stars of the Tamil
film industry.
His father is the Tamil actor Sivakumar. He is the eldest
son in the family with one younger brother actor Karthi
and younger sister Brindha. He married actress Jyothika
on September 11, 2006. They are expecting their first
child to be born in August.
His debut film, Nerrukku Ner (1997) with Vijay was a big
hit but all his succeeding films did not do well. His first
reasonable success was in the movie Poovellam Kettuppar
(1999). His next movie with Vijay, Friends was another
big hit. But he did not get any big breaks and his career
seemed to be stalled until director Bala approached him
for a role in his next venture titled Nandha. This was
one of Surya's best films. The film grossed Rs.50 lakhs at
the box office.
Surya’s next venture was with Vikraman in the movie
Unnai Ninathu and the movie was able to record good
collections. This was followed by Mounam Pesiyadhe
which also did decently well. Surya’s second blockbuster
was Kaaka Kaaka, a movie about the life of a police
officer. The film grossed almost Rs.100 million at the
box office. Also Pithamagan alongside Vikram was a big
hit, Surya was appreciated for being a very different
In the movie Perazhagan, Surya acted in two roles, one as
a boxer and the other as a handicapped but a confident
phone booth keeper. His role as the handicapped was
praised by critics, and he received a Filmfare Award for
Best Actor for his performance. His role in Aayitha
Ezhuthu as a student leader was also favoured by the
critics. His movie Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikkalam was
dropped due to financial problems.
In 2005, Surya delivered more successful films in the
form of Aaru and Ghajini - afterwards he set up a
production company called Studio Green which
distributed the movie in the Chennai district. Ghajini
was one of the most sensational hits of 2005, with
Surya playing a short term memory loss patient, for
which he even tonsured his head. The film was his third
blockbuster and grossed over Rs.200 million at the box
office. By then, trade began comparing him with long
established actor , Ajith.
Surya's recent release is N. Krishna's Sillunu Oru Kaadhal.
He acted opposite his real-life partner Jyothika in the film.
The movie released on September 8 2006. The movie was
an average grosser.
Up next, Surya has signed up to an untitled
A. R. Murugadoss film and a film with Gautham Menon,
Vaaranam Aayiram directed by Gautham Menon.He is
doing another movie called VEL opposite ASIN since their
onscreen chemistry did work out well in his blockbuster
GAJINI, fans are eager to see VEL hit the theatres soon.
He also dubbed Abhishek Bachchan's role in the Tamil
version of Guru. Surya is also brand ambassador for
various products.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Suriya again in AVM production

Suriya after the successful venture Perazhagan has accepted another offer from AVM. The big production house is to produce a new untitled movie. The story of the film is by Subha and the musical score is done by Harris Jayaraj. Director K.V. Anand will direct Suriya in this new flick. The technical crew and the heroine for the movie is not yet finalized and the movie will hit the screens for next Diwali (27 October 2008). Right now, Suriya is busy with the shooting for Vaaranam Aayiram in the direction of Gowtham Menon.

Suriya in Sarvam

Suriya's next movie to be produced Gnanavel, his cousin and to be directed by Vishnuvardhan is Sarvam. The announcements about the other details of the movie will be made after the movie named Sillendru Oru Kadhal starring Suriya, Jyotika and Bhoomika, the most expected movie of the year is released. The heroine of the movie is Ileana, the most popular and leading actress in the Telugu movie industry today. Ileana's career graph in the Telugu movie industry is in the raise from the day she entered the industry. Her performance in the Telugu version of the movie named Pokkiri, currently performed by Vijay and Asin in the Tamil version. Vijay was very keen in making her the heroine in the Tamil movie too but she was not able to do because of date problems.

Suriya in Vanaram Ayiram

Suriya has signed up for the movie named Vanaram Ayiram that will be directed by Gautham Menon. After the movie Kakka Kakka, the actor and director are coming together for the movie. It is planned to release the movie for Tamil New Year in 2007. Earlier it was decided that Asin would do the female lead role in the movie but later Andrea has been singed up for the movie. The shooting of the movie has commenced from 1 st of December. With Gautham Menon completing the shooting of the movie Pachaikkili Muthucharam starring Sarath Kumar and Jyotika, he will now be working for the movie Vanaram Ayiram. It is said that there will be a second heroine in the movie and the producer is currently for a hunt for a good actress.

Suriya's 'Ayan' interrupted!

Suriya's 'Ayan' is shaping up well. The whole unit of the film was in Malaysia recently to shoot a stunt sequence and a song sequence for the film. The stunt scene involved a car chase was to be canned. The sources say that the team had a tough time in completing the car chase, as it was required to be filmed on the banks of the river in Kuala Lumpur. Due to the heavy rains the area was flooded making it highly impossible to continue with the shooting. The whole unit of 'Ayan' had to wait for two days and they were able to resume their work of 12 days. After shooting few scenes at the airport the team came back without shooting the dance sequence as the music director Harris Jayaraj is yet compose the song.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Suriya Video Interview

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Movie Gallery

Vaaranam Aayiram


Sillunu Oru Kadhal
Sillunu Oru Kadhal

Kaakha Kaakha
Mounam Pesiyathey
Kaakha Kaakha
Mounam Pesiyathey
Uyirile Kalanthathu
Poovellam Kettuppar
Uyirile Kalanthathu
Poovellam Kettupar

Kaadhale Nimmadhi
Kaadhale Nimmadhi
Neruku Ner

Neruku Ner

About Me

Original Name


Date of Birth 23rd July,1975
Native Coimbatore
Family Father-Sivakumar;
Wife- Jyotika;
Schooling PSBB Coimbatore
& St. Bede's Chennai
College B.Com (Loyola Chennai)
Career Film actor
Favourite food Dosa, curd rice
Favourite Pastime Driving a car with music on;
camping out overnight
Hit Films Kakka Kakka, Pithamagan,
Ghajini, Perazhagan,
Aayutha Ezhuthu
Awards Kalaimamani Award (2005)

Filmfare Best Actor Award
(2003 & 2004)

Sunday, September 21, 2008