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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chennai: At a recent event Tamil star Surya wasn't really playing the actor. He turned more of a friend and role model for schoolchildren while giving them lessons on ecological awareness.

“School days I think I've to go back to my kindergarten days but my family backdrop, my roots, we're basically farmers. My grandfather, grandmother, we've cultivation as our background. I do have a lot of exposure to that. My native placer is Coimbatore and we've done something there and I wish we could do the same in the city as well,” he said.

Apart from a friend and role model in public, the actor became a new father in his personal life recently.

"It's not an easy job at all to have my daughter for one hour. It's not easy at all, a big salute to all mothers,” he said.

"Half day it's my turn. Whenever Jo (Jyothika) is working out or doing her small small things, half day I take care and the next half of the day she takes take. We really don't want to give our daughter to maid or something like that so we're enjoying the time with her,” he said.

And to add to the smiles, the actor's recent Diwali release Vel continues to do good business at the box office.

But the actor's already onto his next project with filmmaker Gautam Menon who he shares a special bond with since their earlier superhit Kaaka Kaaka.

“Lot’s of looks are there in the film. So each and every time I've to do a lot of homework of course with Gautam's help. I don't want to talk much about the film. It should be an April release,” Surya said.

So that’s something for all you Surya fans to look out for!

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